Magical Beauty


Highly faced look of Mystic Oval Fancy Stone allows to create dreamlike, otherworldly designs with a sense of mesmerizing mystery. It's a new interpretation of a classic shape with a highly faceted look that yields increased sparkle. Combine different sizes or use a single stone as a centerpiece, either way it will look fantastic!

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More colors with Ignite effect for Round Stones and Fancy Stones. It’s a perfect color palette - Amethyst Ignite, Emerald Ignite, Light Colorado Topaz Ignite, Scarlet Ignite - for ravishing fall/winter designs. These crystals are unfoiled, Ignite effect highlights their facets, and therefore they have greater brilliance than simple unfoiled crystals. Isn’t it marvelous? Crystals moving closer to Cubic Zirconia!

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Refined Shimmer
Undulating Natural Shapes


The desire for ethereal otherness in design occurs in spellbinding shapes that depart from the standard. The stunning Baroque Crystal Pearls family lends itself to the ongoing focus on all things organic, magical and natural as sustainability issues continue to fiercely uptrend. A tactile, sensuous design element, with its undulating natural shape and soft sparkle - it is perfect for both classic and otherworldly designs.

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