Beadalon bead stringing wire is composed of tiny wires twisted together & nylon coated. The number of tiny wires, also known as strands, determines the flexibility of the wire. The larger the number of strands, the more flexible the wire will be. Therefore, 49 strand is more flexible than 19 strand, & 19 strand is more flexible than 7 strand. When choosing which type of wire to use, consider the amount of drape you want your design to have. 49 strand wire is very supple and will drape elegantly, giving your design a thread-like appearance. 7 strand wire is not as flexible, but will hold its shape better. If you are new to bead stringing or unsure how much flexibility you require, we recommend starting with our middle grade, 19 strand wire.

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  1. Beadalon® 316L Stainless Steel Wrapping Wire

    As low as £5.32
  2. BeadSmith® Decorative Aluminum Wire 18 Gauge/1mm

    As low as £2.27
  3. BeadSmith® Fancy Aluminum Wire Diamond Cut 12 Gauge/2mm

    As low as £6.53
  4. BeadSmith® Fancy Aluminum Wire Embossed

    As low as £5.42
  5. BeadSmith® Decorative Aluminum Wire 12 Gauge/2mm

    As low as £4.53
  6. BeadSmith® Flex-Rite® Beading Wire 49 Strands

    As low as £7.52
  7. Beadalon® Stainless Steel Stringing Wire

    As low as £1.90
  8. Artistic Wire® Permanently Colored Wire Mesh

    As low as £3.21

9 Items

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