Sewing, Embroidery and Hand Application

There are many Swarovski products that are suitable for sewing and embroidering onto garments, jewelry, interior pieces and more. These products can be easily applied either by hand, or with standard domestic or industrial sewing and embroidery machines. Swarovski also offers an ideal selection of sew on crystals and other products for a variety of creative techniques by hand.

Which Products Are Suitable for Sewing, Embroidery or Hand Application?
How to apply Swarovski crystals to fabric, jewelry and accessories

Many Swarovski products can be hand sewn on fashion designs, jewelry items and accessory pieces, including: Settings, Beads, Pendants, Cupchains & Findings, Crystal Pearls and more.

Sewing – Jewelry Application Guide
What is the best way to sew on Swarovski stones and beads to fabric?

Follow these simple application steps:
1. Select the optimum thread
2. Select the stitch type
3. Adjust the upper thread tension
4. Application

Sewing Machine Application Techniques

Alongside sewing by hand, some Swarovski products are also suitable for machine application, for example:
• Synthetics, such as Crystaltex
• Metal Trimmings, including Chaton & Flat Back Bandings
• Swarovski Crystal Beads and Buttons for sewing

How to Apply Swarovski Products by Hand

In addition to machine sewing and embroidery, there is a range of alternative application techniques available. Consider these creative application methods:
• Knitting
• Crocheting
• Beading
• Threading
• Wire Working
• Weaving
• Knotting

How to Fix Sewing Problems

What are the common problems faced when sewing products onto accessories, clothing attire and jewelry?
• Product or fabric is not fed through correctly
• The machine misses out stitches
• The thread breaks
• The needle breaks
• The crystals break out of the cups