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SWAROVSKI 3011 Clover Crystal Buttons

Happy-go-lucky. The four hearts that form the Clover Crystal Button are more than just playful components – they make up a talisman that promises good luck, and can now even be worn on textiles and fashion accessories. The Clover Crystal Button belongs to vibrant looks that want to make a feel-good statement. For naturalistic or romantic designs, the Clover Crystal Button is also available in typical clover colours and effects. Rich in symbolism, the Clover Crystal Button communicates a positive message as a fastener or decorative element that is as beautiful as it is functional. It looks especially cute when applied to children’s clothing, but is also adorable as part of eco-chic pieces such as cardigans, knitwear, or casual blazers. This Crystal Element is perfect for every age and can be combined with other crystals from our wide assortment of crystal buttons.